Photos End of Year Review Archive 2017

December 29, 2017

Women and children gathering flowers in Kent countryside 1947
© Felix H. Man/Report-IFL Archive/

Post war UN World Health Organisation programme Bosnia 1948. UN Medical professional with young child Srebrenica
© Eric Schwab/Report-IFL Archive/

Author Vita Sackville West Sissinghurst Castle, Kent 1948 in her sitting room at home. Novelist, poet, garden designer and journalist
© Kurt Hutton/Report-IFL Archive/

Frederick Ashton founding choreographer of the Royal Ballet Suffolk 1958 in the garden of Chandos Lodge his country home
© Kurt Hutton/Report-IFL Archive/

British holidaymakers on their annual summer vacation at their Camping Coaches – disused train carriages converted for holiday use Loddiswell near Kingsbridge in Devon 1959
© Alan Vines/Report-IFL Archive/

Young men hanging around in an amusement arcade at night Paris 1961
© Romano Cagnoni/Report-IFL Archive/

Artist Bridget Riley in her studio in Chelsea London 1963 discussing a painting called Fission
© Romano Cagnoni/Report-IFL Archive/

Drinking outside a pub Durham Miners Gala 1964
© Romano Cagnoni/Report-IFL Archive/

London 1964 Jonathan MIller interviewing Susan Sontag for Arts program BBC Monitor
© Romano Cagnoni/Report-IFL Archive/

Modern Victor Pasmore murals Council rates hall, Newcastle Civic Centre 1965
© Malcolm Aird/Report-IFL Archive/

Jim Haynes co-founder of the Traverse Theatre Edinburgh 1965 seeking to extend the spirit of the Edinburgh Festival throughout the year
© Patrick Eagar/Report-IFL Archive/

National Seamens strike meeting Victoria and Albert Dock, London 1966. Trade union members supported by their wives and children
© Patrick Eagar/Report-IFL Archive/

Florence Floods, Italy, 1966 in which 100 died and many cultural artefacts, books, paintings and sculptures were damaged. It was the worst flood for five hundred years. Florentines returning from a food distribution centre on a street behind the Palazzo Vecchio.
© Romano Cagnoni/Report-IFL Archive/

Harold Wilson visiting council housing estate, Notting Hill, London, 1972 to draw attention to poor housing
© Peter Arkell/

R D Laing radical psychiatrist speaking, Royal Festival Hall London 1973. Writer on mental illness, in particular psychosis
© Chris Davies/Report-IFL Archive/

Mass meeting of Triumph workers in occupation of their factory, 1973 to prevent its closure, Meriden, near Coventry
© NLA/

Assembling Concorde for BOAC, BAC Filton factory, Bristol
© Peter Arkell/NLA/

Homosexual men kissing in public thereby technically committing an illegal act, St James Park, London 1975 Campaigning for reform of the Law
© Chris Davies/Report-IFL Archive/

Young black teenage boy hanging around after school with nothing to do, Hillrise Mansions estate North London 1973
© John Sturrock/Report-IFL Archive/

1978 Tom Robinson talking to fans at the Anti Nazi League Rock Against Racism festival Victoria Park Hackney London
© Nick Oakes/Report-IFL Archive/

David Attenborough with Cocky the cockatoo, London Zoo 1980 to publicise a training scheme for zoo keepers
© NLA/

1985 Diane Abbott in a satirical comedy review sketch, Labour Party Womens Conference
© Stefano Cagnoni/Report-IFL Archive/

FBU demonstration in Liverpool against cuts to the Fire Service threatened by abolition of the Metropolitan Councils by Conservative Government. From l to r Terry Fields, Bill Deal, Pres FBU, Ken Cameron, Gen Sec FBU, and Derek Hatton of Liverpool City Council 1986
© John Smith/Report-IFL Archive/