UNITE and PCS pensions strike

May 12, 2012

Navel officer taking a leaflet © Paul Box/reportdigital.co.uk

© Paul Box/reportdigital.co.uk

Trade Union members who have been on a one day national strike against cuts to their pension provision applaud police officers as they march against cuts to police funding © Stefano Cagnoni/reportdigital.co.uk

PCS picket line at Birmingham Magistrate Court. © Timm Sonnenschein/reportdigital.co.uk

© Timm Sonnenschein/reportdigital.co.uk

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham © Timm Sonnenschein/reportdigital.co.uk

Mark Serwotka of PCS © Stefano Cagnoni/reportdigital.co.uk

Len McLuskey of UNITE © Stefano Cagnoni/reportdigital.co.uk